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Detail of block of flats managed bt Scribe Property Management

For over 40 years, Scribe Property Management has provided a professional management service to lessees and freeholders of residential blocks of flats located in both Kent and East Sussex.

The management of leasehold residential property is governed by many factors. These include the type of building, the terms of the lease, the ever-increasing range of statutes and regulations that apply. Our services include accounting, knowledge of current law and practice, and general administration.

Our Approach

Each building and management situation is unique. We start by identifying and establishing the type of management required in each case. Our service is then tailored to the client’s individual needs. We will always endeavour to ensure that you see the same person at each site visit.

Tailoring our service.

Inspections: How many times the Property Manager carries out on-site inspections.
Meetings: How frequently the Property Manager attends formal meetings.
Accounts: How often the Property Manager prepares accounting reports.

“With Scribe Property Management we will always endeavour to ensure that you see the same person at each site visit”

Block Management Services


  • Demanding and collecting service charges and ground rent
  • Arranging payment for regular service contracts
  • Keeping detailed records of the company finances
  • Providing an annual estimate of future expenditure
  • Administering funds and making payments
  • Supplying information to accountants


  • Quarterly visual inspections
  • Obtaining competitive estimates for repair work
  • Administering and arranging minor repair works
  • Administering and managing maintenance contracts
  • Recommending building survey and reinstatement valuation


  • Submission of annual accounts
  • Appraising Client and Leaseholders of new statutory regulations
  • Section 20 notices


  • Day to day correspondence
  • Answering and instructing solicitors
  • General management advice

Company Secretary

  • Arranging Directors Meetings and AGMs
  • Taking and issuing meetings minutes
  • Maintaining the statutory register
  • Supplying year end accounts
  • Ensuring that the required statutory forms are file
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