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Detail of block of flats managed bt Scribe Property Management

Over 40 years of property management

Scribe Property Management was founded under the name of Scribe Business Services over 40 years ago, specialising in property management and accounting. In 1999 Scribe Business Services acquired the property portfolio of the well-established firm of chartered surveyors, Bracketts of Tunbridge Wells.

In 2004, Scribe Property Management was established and in 2005 acquired the property portfolio of Scribe Business Services. In 2021 Kay Prescott took over the Company after being employed with Scribe Property Management for the previous four years. 

The firm’s exclusive business is the professional management of residential properties on behalf of Resident’s Management Companies, Landlords, Freeholders and Leaseholders.

The Business enjoys Professional Indemnity Cover and our services meet or exceed the RICS and ARMA standards and codes of practice. We are currently working towards a membership within ARMA.

Block Management

The management of leasehold residential property is governed by many factors. These factors include the type of building, the terms of the lease, and the ever-increasing range of statutes and regulations that apply. Block Management involves many skills including accounting, knowledge of current law and practice, and general administrative and organisational skills. Good knowledge and professional/consultancy skill in respect of building construction and the ability to identify building fabric faults.

Each building and management situation is unique. It is important to identify and establish the type of management in each case.

Detail of block of flats managed bt Scribe Property Management

Kay Prescott

Owner and Principal

Kay moved to East Sussex five years ago and, after working in property, power and the construction industries, she joined Scribe Property Management. She was responsible for bookkeeping and administration, before taking over the business in 2021. 

Since coming onboard, Kay has driven a modernisation programme across the whole business, updating all the bookkeeping systems from handwritten manual ledgers. Each block now has computerised cashbooks and income schedules to run alongside them. 

Her responsibilities are wide, handling all the administration required in the day to day running of each managed block and, in the majority of cases, acting as Company Secretary for the resident block companies. Kay will also arrange site visits, organises repairs and maintenance and attends all relevant meetings, taking the minutes.

Kay is highly personable and prides herself on building a good working relationship with every block we manage. She makes a point of listening to the needs of all lessees and what the directors require to run their block efficiently. 

When she’s not at work, Kay enjoys sporting activities, running and cycling and has completed the London to Brighton Bike Ride. She has also recently taken up golf.

Graham Bucksey


Graham has extensive experience in the Mechanical and Electrical Building Services and the construction industry. He worked in the industry for 48 years. He has been responsible for all aspects of design, construction, project management and delivery of projects.

Graham has previously run his own building services engineering consultancy practice based in Tunbridge Wells and then Crowborough. He also works independently providing project management and mechanical, electrical and construction design services as a sub consultant.

Graham is a Rotary Club Member and is currently in the process of forming a new Rotary Club in Crowborough. He also volunteers on the Bluebell Railway and is a member of the Crowborough Probus Club.

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